Agent Referral Program


($750 if vacant, $250 if tenant occupied)

Flex Property Management agrees to pay the referring agents brokerage a one-time fee of $750 ($750 if vacant, $250 if tenant occupied) once the home is rented and under a current management agreement.

We recommend that the referring agent prepare the owner for a phone call from our office so our initial introduction will go smoothly. You can also send them to our website at

Thank you for the referral!

Client Referral Form


Your Clients Listing is About to Expire:

You did your best but maybe the timing or property wasn’t quite right. Instead of losing the listing to another firm, you can refer the client to us as a rental. You will earn the referral fee, we will keep you top of mind with the client and when the time is right to list again, you will be in the best position to re-list.

Your Client is an Investor:

Managing rentals is what we do. Finding clients and properties is what you do best.
You collect the sales commission and let us to the work on the property management.
Prove the concept, deliver great service and your client will buy more investment

Your Client Needs Immediate Income:

Relocation, Divorce, Overextended…the client is in a tough spot and needs to sell the
property quickly and now it is your problem to fix! Renting generates immediate income
and may just give your seller the breathing room they need to navigate their situation.
Once the crisis is averted, you will be in a great position to take that listing.

Your Client Lives Overseas or Out of State:

If your investor client lives out of the area, having a property management partner may
get them off of the fence whether to buy another property. Give your out of area client
the confidence to say yes to that next property.

Your Client is Buying Now for Future Use:

We have seen many clients purchase property today and plan on using it when they are
ready to retire. This allows them to take advantage of today’s prices and earn
substantial revenue until the time was right for them to move. Many end up keeping the
rental and buying another Property.


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